“Without a failure, life is like sitting in a car with a driver who hasn’t had an accident. Both situations are scary.”


I’ve taken up one unpaid internship for a few weeks at JM Morgan Stanley which has been my longest, and aside from that, a couple more working experiences: at a boutique investment bank and as an analyst in a stock trading company, all 3 in Mumbai. Worked on the analysis side. Working for myself always motivated me more and thus, I never stuck around for long.


I believe in making changes to status quo and in the power of collectivism. The world we lived in has been shaped by this genre of internet sites to a large extent. I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Linkedin.


I have been on the board of Asian Oilfield Services and Enso Secutrack among listed companies.


Being behind the scenes of India’s largest cyclothon – Tour de India. Took up online courses during the pandemic lockdowns. Scuba diving. Knee boarding. Skydiving. Ferrari experience on Silverstone F1 track. Skiing lessons (the sport still evades). Took flying lessons. Played a charity cricket match among veterans from India and Australia. Have visited 27 countries so far.


Been working since college times, taking time off to work and learn business as real world inspired me more than education & internships. Initiated the foundation establishment, created an informal alumni group, headed the healthcare segment initially, steered the natural resources strategy. My roles:

  • Management
  • Branding
  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Directorship
  • Administration

South Mumbai. Work too.

Previously, lived in Kolkata, New Delhi, Pittsburgh and London during various phases of my life.

Born in Kolkata, then Calcutta. Indian citizen.


Son of Vinay & Vineeta Maloo. One sibling – Garima Bijlani. I am vegetarian, believe in karma and a universal cosmic energy.


Internet, working out, walks, music, movies, reading, cricket, swimming & cycling.

Favourite movie: The Rock

Favourite author: Dan Brown

Favourite singer: Bryan Adams

Favourite TV show: Friends

Favourite non-fiction author: Malcolm Gladwell